Domain Names

International Domain Names

 .कॉम, .ком, .点看, .คอม, .नेट, .닷컴, .大拿, .닷넷, .コム, .كوم and .קוֹם

Scripts include Arabic, Cyrillic and Hebrew

Imagine surfing the Internet and visiting websites that are described in your native language!! Now you can with International Domain Names for .com!
The Internet IS International!!

All of the characters above represent .com in those languages!!

Interested in reaching out to a new market??

Utilizing International .com domain names will connect with your new audience IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE!!!!

Some of our International Domains are listed below.
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.点看 – Chinese  .com Domain Names

竞速.com = Racing in Chinese!! Over 2 million search results!

出價.com = Bid in Chinese!! Over 5 million results in the search engines!

鏈接.com = Link in Chinese! Over 300 million search results!!

衣裳.com = Clothes in Chinese!!  Over 3 million search results!

节庆.com = Festival in Chinese!! Over 7 million results in search engines!!

靓丽.com = Beautiful in Chinese!! Over 8.5 million search results!!

饭馆.com = Restaurant in Chinese!! Over 1.4 million results!!

谈论.com = Talk in Chinese! 3.7 million results!!

客店.com Inn/Hotel in Chinese!! 1.6 million results!!

渔.com = Fishing in Chinese!! Over 16 million results!!


.ком – Russian .com Domain Names

фруктов.com = Fruit in Russian – 16 million plus search results!!

стоп.com = Stop in Russian – Over 1 million search results! Great brandable for the Russian market!

аеропорт.com = Airport in Russian!! – Over 50 million search results!!!


.كوم – Arabic .com Domain Names

للسفر.com =  Travel in Arabic! Over 300 million search results!!!

عروسي.com = Wedding in Arabic! Over 7 million search results!!

بشرة.com = Skin in Arabic! Over 1.5 million results!


.닷컴 – Korean  .com Domain Names

금은.com = Gold in Korean!!! Over 45 million results in the search engines!!

상업.com = Commerce/Trade in Korean!! Almost 4 million results!!

미녀.com =  Beauty in Korean!! Over 7 million results!!

연어.com = Salmon in Korean!  Over 2 million search results!


.コム – Japanese .com Domain Names

ゆう.com = YU in Japanese! Over 50 million results!!


Spanish .com Domain Names

Farmacé = Pharmacist in Spanish!! Over 23 million search results!!!

Caí = Hair Loss in Spanish!! Huge Industry!! Almost 1 million results!!

Reparació = Repair in Spanish!! Over 60 million results!!!

Habitació = Room in Spanish!! Over 113 million results!!!!


.คอม – Thai .com Domain Names

ดูฟรี.com = Free in Thai!! Over 46 million results!

ดีล.com – Deals in Thai!! Over 23 million results!!

แปด.com – 8 or Eight in Thai!! Almost 2 million search results!!

ลูกอม.com – Candy in Thai!! Over 1 million results for this term!!

การประกันภัย.com = Insurance/Assurance in Thai!! Almost 1 million results!

หาด.com = Beach in Thai!! 3 million + results!!


Hindi .com Domain Names

इ.com – Me in Hindi/Devanagari script! Over 1 million search results!


.קוֹם Hebrew .com Domain Names

לינה.com = Accommodation/Lodging in Hebrew! Almost 3 million results!


French .com Domain Names

immobiliè = Real Estate in French!! Over 45 million results!!